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  July 31, 2013

Update from Downeast Maine



Image saved from
Google Maps

Google Maps released new aerial imagery of the Blue Hill Peninsula earlier this spring and it is a major upgrade to what was previously available. As I zoomed in to inspect it, I suddenly realized that I could see what appeared to be my car at the top of the hill in the parking area (left middle margin). When I brought the same location up in Google Earth, it's more powerful features and better zoom capability confirmed the date as one when I was there working in our wild blueberry field and convinced me that I was indeed looking at my black Passat wagon. Eventually, I was able to locate myself in the image. (If you want take up the challenge, here's a kmz file for Google Earth -- let me know where you think you have found me -- extra points, Ryan and Will, if you can deduce the time of day 5 minutes that the photo was taken.)

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Trip Updates

University of Maine Blueberry Research Farm in Jonesboro, ME

Brand new mechanical harvester at the annual blueberry grower's field day meeting

Little Deer Isle

Pumpkin Island Lighthouse at Little Deer Isle

N9455V (Mooney M-20E) tied down at the Stonington, ME airport

A beautiful flowering in spring but...

...a weak berry set as a result of cold, wet weather during pollination



Current Jetstream Forecast and Surface Conditions -- Image by Environment Canada

Acadia National Park at Schoodic Peninsula

Acadia National Park at Schoodic Peninsula

Severe thunderstorm approaching from the west

Time to run for shelter

Double rainbow at the top of the hill looking east across our new blueberry field



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