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Preserving and Sailing the Historic Gaff Rigged Ice Yachts of New York's Hudson River Valley


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Maine sunset that would not quit -- more pictures below.


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I have switched this page into "Summer Mode" --
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In Maine, we have been steadily recovering the wild blueberry land that was once managed for commercial harvest. Of the potential 6 acres that were once farmed, we have cleared about 2.5 acres since the summer of 2011 when we acquired the property. It's rough and rocky terrain -- granite boulders are strewn everywhere, left by the retreating glacier of the last ice age some 16,000 years ago -- and all the large woody plants need to be cut, stacked and burned on the patches of bare bedrock. We're slowly figuring out the layout for the houses and infrastructure -- soon I hope to have a small shed built where we can run the berry packing and jam production operation. This year's work started in March when we burned most of the brush piles we created last year. Good snow cover on the ground when burning this amount of hot material keeps the fire contained.

7 am start in Maine to burn brush

Another pile fires up -- they make a lot of smoke for a few minutes-- then they get very hot and burn cleaner.


Dinner at the cabin -- new lighting over the sink...

...a 20 x 30 LED array that draws a mere 25 watts.


A new meter allows us to monitor our off grid electrical use and PV production.



A beautiful blossoming of the wild blueberries in the commercial field below us.

Students from the WoodenBoat School enjoying after class afternoon sailing.

Newly transplanted spruce trees will form a nice stand in 20 years.

The start of the sunset that would not quit...


Zak's Graduation Day

A beautiful spring day in New York City.

Zak's turn at the head of the queue.


Rhinecliff Waterfront Day 2014

Marie setting up the "Fish Printing" tent.

Serious work painting the fish.

Clearwater Revival Festival 2014

USN Destroyer Escort SLATER heading up the Hudson River

Lush foliage and a good fruit set can be seen in this field of wild blueberries.

Perhaps we will build a cabin here soon.

Homemade custom thermometer wells and inexpensive electronic
thermometers for our pair of solar hot water batch heaters.


Current Jetstream Forecast and Surface Conditions -- Image by Environment Canada


The big pile awaits -- about 200 small spruce and pine trees

We insert a bag full of empty cardboard milk cartons when we build the pile...




...three minutes after lighting the match, the pile is in full conflagration.


Rounding up the stragglers 45 minutes later hat survived the initial flare.

The summer season in Maine comes to life in late May -- boats are moved back into the water and the presence of people from "away" is recognized with a huge surge in the local economy. Most of the benefit of the 5 billion generated by tourism comes in the summer and early fall.

The harbor in Rockport is getting busy.

Rockport Marine Park is a favorite stop.

Rented honey bees do the bulk of the pollination -- they travel the country -- these arrived from California almond orchards -- next stop, Nova Scotia.

Evening view across Penobscot Bay to the Camden Hills.

Looking East across Blue Hill Bay to the Mountains of Acadia National Park.

Wild Lupines were flowering everywhere on the top of the hill. the rain clouds pushed off...

...and a nearly full moon rose in the East.




Rhinecliff Waterfront Day 2014

Mary paints a new sign for the "Make a Button" booth.

Casey studying the button making options.

Clearwater Revival Festival 2014

Bumble Bees are 2.5 times more effective pollinators than honeybees

Noonah's painting in the pile of granite boulders.

The July "Super Moon" rising behind the big spruce.

The ERR fleet of nearly 100 wooden sailboats has made the last turn and is headed back to us for the finish of the 2013 race -- our annual trip to Hog Island.

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