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Monday, February 14, 2011

Rhinecliff Report

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Saturday Sailing Report

It was a beautiful day on the ice in Rhinecliff yesterday afternoon. There were six stern steerers and a DN on the ice at the end of the day. Excursions were made north to the Rhinecliff Bridge and back. A brief squall line passed through late afternoon bringing white out conditions that tested the rigging of most of the fleet. SPIDER was the last to arrive and missed the sailing in the calm after the passage of the squall line. We will be on the ice again today, though if the forecast warmer temperatures become a reality, the light south breeze may not provide the motive power needed on a soft surface. It was 12 F when I left the house in Milan, and it is 22 F here in Red Hook. Thanks to Bob Wills for the photos -- more to follow when I get Mary's pictures downloaded to my computer. Happy Birthday, Zak!

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Ice Flight Photos

Finally, we have an up-to-date flight of the river. Slides (15) and (17) from February 6th show the potential of the ice sheet on the river. Cheviot is the current focus of activity, but if we get more cold weather and then a thaw, it may be possible to sail an extended length of the ice sheet that has formed along the left bank from Rhinecliff to Greendale. There are nice photos of Rhinecliff and Tivoli Bay in the latest February 9th flight album.


2011-02-09 Ice Flight Photos

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2011-01-10 Ice Flight Photos     2011-01-03 Ice Flight Photos

2011-01-06 Ice Flight Photos     2011-01-02 Ice Flight Photos


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Current Jetstream Forecast and Surface Conditions -- Image by Environment Canada


Friday Sailing Report

Bob Wills and I put his boat ORION together early Friday afternoon at
Rhinecliff and sailed it on light winds. Once you get out to the northwest of Rhinecliff, there is a large area of very nice ice that extends north almost to the Rhinecliff Bridge. We will be setting up more boats today -- we may have a half dozen big boats on the ice by the end of the day. West winds of 10 - 15 mph should make for ideal sailing conditions.

The Coast Guard ice breaker Penobscot Bay docked at Rhinecliff early afternoon as we were finishing our rigging. They have been ever so careful to ease in and back out in the same track to the south of the dock the whole week. We really owe them a round of applause and our sincerest thanks. Today was no different -- we were working 100 feet north of them and never once felt even the slightest bit of apprehension about our circumstances. The ice north of the dock is 9 - 12 inches thick and fast to the shore -- they have done nothing to disturb that all week.





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